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We are all familiar with the most commonly used search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. However how do you get listed on these sites?

How search engines work:

Search engines such as those detailed above send out what are called "spiders" into the internet. These spiders spend their time looking at web sites, recording the descriptions, keywords and text content of sites and report them back to the search engine. The search engine will then, as this data arrives, start to categorise the site and list it within its pages.

Essentially therefore, as long as your web site is correctly coded, eventually the spiders will pick up on it and start to list in their pages.

However, there are a few downsides to this "wait for the spiders to call" method.

  • It may be months before spiders visit your site
  • If the content has not been updated recently spiders may ignore your listing
  • The search engines have to work out and categorise the site themselves. This again takes time and they may get it wrong depending on the content and code set within your site.

Its a simple solution but, rather than waiting for the spiders to call on you, why not tell the search engines all about yourself, what you do and where you should be placed in their search engine.

This seems straight forward enough but when you consider that there are around 200,000 different search engines operating this starts to become a little time consuming.

EA Design use sophisticated search engine submission programmes to send out your details in bulk to all known search engines, telling them about you and asking them to come and look at your site and list you as soon as possible.

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Important factors:

Your site must be correctly coded with relevant words and phrases. We will do this for you with our web design or advise you on relevant changes to your site if it is not an EA Design site.

Simply put, you will get a higher listing if your site is updated on a regular basis. There are many "deserted" web sites on the internet and search engines are sophisticated to spot these and lower their rating accordingly. Having a regular update sent to your site is the single best way to ensure a high listing.


Search engine submissions
Single Search Engine Submission £10.00
Three submissions over 3 months £20.00
Full ranking report for your web site* £10.00
Single submission and ranking report* £15.00
Set of 3 submissions and ranking reports over a three month period* £35.00
Monthly submission and ranking report* £10 / mth

The full ranking report is forwarded to you by email and gives pages of stats and suggestions regarding your web site, its content and its ranking position, relevant to specific search phrases on 100s of search engines. This is a large document which is forwarded to you by email.

Many companies will send you mailings claiming to be able to give you a high ranking position in many search engines for a single payment. This is simply not true. The fact is that only through regular updates, keeping your content relevant and making search engine submissions will you achieve a higher ranking with the search engines over time.

We would always recommend a combination of monthly or quarterly updates along with a regular search engine submission and ranking report.

Although even with these methods it takes time to gain a listing, over time the results will start to show and you can keep an eye on how you are getting on through looking at the ranking report. If you have any questions or would like a free demonstration of how this system works then please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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