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The .co.uk is the most common extension found in the UK. As the extension suggests it represents simply a commercial organisation based in the UK.

Known as a SLD (second level domain) due to the two part nature of the extension the cost of registration of this type of domain is lower and the relevance to the UK means that this has become the extension of choice for many small and medium sized businesses with a typically UK based clientele.

The .co.uk extension is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.


Registration of a .co.uk domain is £9.75 per annum.

What do I get?

Ownership of the domain (registered to you or your business).

EA Design - Affordable business websitesHow long can I register the domain name for?

Any period from 2 to 10 years. You will note that there is a minimum initial registration period of 2 years associated with the .co.uk domain extension.

The renewal costs of the domain are as stated above. If the domain is not renewed at the end of the registration period it returns to the list of unregistered domains and becomes available for purchase again by anyone else. There are no surrender fees to pay.

Securing your domain name is easy - Simply email us with the domain name you would like and we can advise you if it is available. If it is not we will offer you a selection of alternatives that you may wish to consider.

Domain Name Prices
Domain extension £ P/A More details
.co.uk* £9.75 Click here
.com £14.75 Click here
.net £14.75 Click here
.biz £14.75 Click here
.org £14.75 Click here
.info £14.75 Click here

Other domain extensions available : Please contact us for details.

For a full list of all prices please click here.

* Subject to initial 2 year registration.

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